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Following a near-death experience, Karl comes to believe that Paul is his doppelgänger. When Karl finally reveals himself to Paul, a unique and troubled relationship begins to form, a relationship that is severely tested when Karl grants Paul the privilege of reading his 20,000 page manuscript, A Book About How Much I Hate Myself. When a vastly edited version of the manuscript appears in bookstores 13 months later, Karl and Paul hit the road to confront the presumed plagiarists but end up confronting themselves instead.

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Cast and Crew

Brad Dryborough (Paul) Brad is an actor/writer/director who begrudgingly lives in Vancouver. Some of his previous work with Kris and Dylan includes the feature film The Cabin Movie as well as the shorts Man Feel Pain and Big Head. He also collaborated individually with Dylan on the award winning short The Bug and with Kris on his shorts Love Seat and In Her Ear as well as many theatre projects. In 2010 Brad directed the Canadian premiere of Kris’ play, The Boys, at the Guild Theatre in Whitehorse. Most recently he wrote and directed a short film adaptation of Roger McGough’s poem, At Lunchtime: A Story of Love with the support of Bravo!Fact and the BC Arts council. He’s also been on TV a bunch, most notably spending three seasons on the cast of Battlestar Galactica.

Tygh Runyan (Karl) Aside from several exceptions like Snakes On A Plane, 15 Minutes, and Battlestar Gallactica, Tygh Runyan has been in every wildly eccentric and obscure indie film you’ve never seen. He’s won some awards, but is often “just honored to be nominated”. He’s worked with the likes of Kathryn Bigelow, Robert DeNiro, Lynn Redgrave, Ian McKellen, Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Kelsey Grammer, Tim Robbins, and the legendary Monte Hellman. But thankfully for him, you won’t take surveillance footage of him hung over in a pool with 3 strippers and a giant hoagie, because you probably don’t know who he is. And in all likelihood, neither does he anymore! But I guess that’s just one of the sacrifices one has to make when a rabid passion for portraying fictitious human beings in archetypal yet believable narratives bites one in the proverbial face at an early age, and one decides to run that alchemical road over innumerable crests and around countless blind turns until the end of ones days. What does he look like? Nobody really knows because he’s a friggin shape shifter! Some say he’s handsome, some say “not so much”. But they all say he’s “good”, or “pretty good”. Some even say he’s “great”. I say he’s El Chupacabra! But whoever or whatever he is, you should check him out in a movie sometime. Like breathing, you won’t regret it.

Dylan Akio Smith graduated from the UBC Film Program in 2000, and has been steadily working in film ever since. As a director, Dylan made the award winning short films, The Bug, Imetacanine, Man Feel Pain which won the Best Short Film at the Toronto Inter- national Film Festival in 2004, Night for the Canadian Film Centre, and Big Head which premiered at TIFF in 2009. Dylan also directed a feature film called The Cabin Movie which had its premiere at TIFF in 2005. Dylan has mentored and/or sat on juries for the Crazy 8s Film Festival, Vancouver Film School, The Whistler Film Festival, Cineworks, The UBC Film Program, Final Draft Reading Series, Vancouver Short Film Festival, The BC Student Film Festival and Summer Visions.

Kris Elgstrand is a partner in The Whatever Institute with Dylan Akio Smithfor whom his work as a screenwriter includes The Cabin Movie (TIFF 2005), Man Feel Pain (Winner, BravoFACT Short Cuts Canada Award, TIFF 2004) and Big Head (TIFF 2009). His first short as a writer/director, Love Seat (TIFF 2006), won Best Short at the Whistler Film Festival. He followed that with In Her Ear in 2007. He currently has several scripts in development. Kris is also a playwright and sometime earlier this year released his first CD, Songs of the Sad Sack, Volume 1: I’m so disappointed, (available at and on iTunes). He is currently touring living rooms and other extremely small spaces as part of his “Intimate and Awkward Tour” in support of the CD.

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